Does Organic Shampoo Help Your Hair Grow Faster?

There are lots of shampoos that claim that they will make your hair grow faster. And if you looked hard enough, you’d probably even find some organic shampoo that has this proclamation stamped across its label. Truthfully, organic shampoo may make your hair grow faster than non-organic shampoo, but very little. There are no additives or special, natural ingredients in organic shampoo that will help your grow faster; and the only reason organic shampoo even makes hair grow faster even slightly is because quite simply, it’s better for your hair.

Because organic shampoo is made from all-natural ingredients, they do not contain any harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and even slow down its growth process. This is the case with many non-organic shampoos. And just like any other part of your health, when you take better care of something, it works better. In the case of hair, it will grow slightly faster.

That being said, your hair will grow at its own rate. Human hair grows at an average of about ½ an inch every month. Different people have different DNA and this DNA will state exactly how fast their hair grows. Nothing can change that, not even the best organic shampoo on the market.

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to make your hair grow faster. Research has shown that improving your diet, regular exercise, getting lots of sleep, and cutting back on caffeine can all help your hair grow faster. And it’s because of the same reason why organic shampoo helps your hair grow faster – because all of those things are simply better for you, and the healthier you are, the faster your hair will grow.

Also remember to keep your hair healthy while you’re improving your overall health. Washing it every day will strip away all of its natural oils, making it more brittle and susceptible to damage. Instead, wash it every few days to keep it clean, but still healthy. Using a deep organic conditioner every week will also help restore necessary nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to your hair, which will also make it healthier, and help it grow faster.